SIGNED magazine #29

16 1 2 3 1.To revive the aesthetics of the shenyi style, ancient proportions were strictly adhered to in the Sui and Tang dynasties. Tight collars, tight fitting upper garments and rectangular sleeves are the characteristics of their clothes. By the time of late Tang, the chest width was doubled. The change was related to weakened national power and the return to the more conservative social norms of Confucianism. 隋唐為復興深衣美學,跟從 遠古比例、「規、矩」要求, 窄緊領子、貼身上衣、袖以矩 形。但到了晚唐,則雙倍了胸 闊。跟國力漸弱,重回儒家保 守封閉的社會風氣有關。 2.Left: Fuxi and Nüwa, excavated from the Astana-Karakhoja ancient tombs in Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum Right: Curved-front robe of Western Han dynasty 左圖:《伏羲女媧圖》出於吐 魯番,阿斯塔那哈拉和卓古墓 群,新疆維吾爾自治區博物館 右圖: 西漢曲裾袍