SIGNED magazine #29

EDITORIAL The spectrum of art is continuously broadening as a result of technological advances and evolution of the zeitgeist. Packed with diverse connotations, art is no longer merely created from the personal, sentimental perspectives of the artist. Instead, more elements, such as cultural features and technological applications are being embraced. As a magazine driven by design thinking, SIGNED is exploring the theme of “Conservation and Innovation of Art and Culture” in this issue. We have fused our inquiry with applied art that involves humanities, folk craft and computational thinking. This direction has shown us that new possibilities can always be highly relatable to our everyday life. Our theme articles begin with clothes, which come first in the Chinese definition of everyday life. Herman Lee is an architect who is passionate about traditional Chinese formal wear. Using his professional know-how and delving deep into the craftsmanship, he has rejuvenated the culture and techniques of traditional tailoring. On top of in-depth inquiries, crossover elements are also increasingly employed in creative endeavours. The music project spearheaded by veteran advertising creative Leonie Ki, for example, was inspired by the murals of Dunhuang grottoes. Her ensemble is enlivening the ancient music depicted on the murals and presenting them with a modernised sound profile. The reinterpretation has transformed the two-dimensional world to the three-dimensional space with extraordinary imagination. The endless possibilities of reinterpretation may be most suitably manifested in the Scan the World website. Aiming to conserve art and culture through scanning and 3D printing, the archive now houses the printable files of more than 25,000 artefacts, which can be permanently preserved through replication. Besides, technological advancements in computing have opened up an infinite space for origin tracing, renewal and further creation. While some users are decorating their homes with tangible replicates, others are integrating these artefacts into video games or virtual realities. Creations and re-creations are taking place in various forms and dimensions. As a carrier for cultural conservation and innovation, art is offering unlimited space for interpretation, nurturing successive generations with cultural connotations, and regenerating itself with the support of new technologies. With strong relevance to intangible cultural heritage items, our theme stories are not short of authenticity, emotions and power – the three important elements of art. Their authenticity is unquestionable. The emotions of our interviewees are intimately felt through the pages. The power of their innovative creations is vivacious and reinvigorating. Their stories illustrate that cultural innovation is not empty talk – it is an inspirational and energetic transformation that is becoming part of our everyday life. 隨著科技的發展和時代精神的蛻變,藝術的光譜是愈來愈寬闊, 充滿豐富而多元的內涵。藝術再不像以前般只從藝術家的個人 感性視野出發進行創作,而是引入更多不同元素如文化特質及 科技應用等。《SIGNED》作為一本以設計思維主導的雜誌,當 要探索今期主題「藝術文化的傳承與創新」時,也摻入了人民文 化、手工藝和運算思維等的應用藝術,然後發現,可供探索的 可能性是更具體更貼近我們的生活。 像生活四大基本之首的服裝,我們便專訪了一位建築師Herman Lee,透過自身的專業知識,投入他熱愛的傳統中華禮服,而且 一門深入,把傳統裁縫的文化和技藝做熟做透,並賦予嶄新的 展現。除了深耕,跨界多元也是現今創作重要的元素,像由廣 告界前輩紀文鳳牽頭的一個音樂項目,便從敦煌壁畫吸取靈感, 試圖讓壁畫描繪的不同音樂段落在千年後的今天得以重生,並 譜以現代的聲樂韻律重新演繹,從二維平面世界跨越至三維空 間,滿載過人的想像力。 不過說到擁有無限可能性的例子,則以掃瞄和3D打印傳承藝術 文化的Scan the World網站為濫觴。其所收藏超過25,000件文 物的打印檔案,不但可以通過複製而永久保留,更藉着電腦科 技的發達, 從溯源更新到開拓了近乎無限的應用和創作空間, 由實際的家居飾物至融入電子遊戲或開發虛擬實境等虛擬世界, 啟迪不同類型和維度的再創作。 藝術作為一種文化的傳承與創新,以不同文化內涵為養分、各 種新科技為骨幹,推陳出新,賦予後來者無限的演繹空間。而 藝術作品最重要的三大元素:真實、情感和能量,我們都能從 今期主題內容介紹的例子一一感受到,可能它們大多是非物質 文化遺產的緣故吧,真實性是毋庸置疑,而接受訪問的各位幕 後始作俑者的情感是漫溢紙上,所有因而問世的嶄新創作都確 實充滿活潑甚至叫人振奮的能量,令人感受到今期藝術的文化 創新絕非空談,而是鮮活跳脫的融入千家萬戶的生活。 REINTERPRETING AND REINVIGORATING ART AND CULTURE WITH BOUNDLESS POSSIBILITIES 鮮活的藝術文化、無限的演繹空間