SIGNED magazine #29

傳承、保護、創新 專訪天籟敦煌樂團創辦人紀文鳳 THEME Text by Patrick Chiu Photos courtesy of 香港天籟敦煌樂團 Music Heritage, Protection, Innovation An interview with Leonie Ki – founder of Hong Kong Gaudeamus Dunhuang Ensemble Over the past five years, the ensemble's art coordinator and resident composer Kam Shing Hei and resident composer Chu Kai Yeung wrote more than 40 pieces. The wonderful melodies are based on Chinese music and infused with Western elements, forming a novel music genre that has been praised as a breath of fresh air in the music community. 香港天籟敦煌樂團成立五年 以來,藝術統籌暨駐團作曲 甘聖希與駐團作曲朱啟揚寫 了四十多首樂曲,這些美妙 的旋律,從中國音樂的基礎 上,糅合了西方的元素,形 成了嶄新的音樂類型,被譽 為音樂界的一股清泉。 26