SIGNED magazine #29

掃瞄全世界:活現文化 共享傳承 Scan the World: TO LIVE, CULTURAL HERITAGE NEEDS TO BE SHARED Museums are fascinating, but with only a fraction of their items ever exhibited, they could also be considered graveyards for cultural heritage. Museums can, and should, be doing a better job of sharing our incredible global culture. Scan the World's Jon Beck wants to shake up our cultural institutions, and he thinks scanning and 3D printing are the perfect way to revitalise what we consider cultural heritage, and what we can do with it. 公開展出的文物從來只佔博物館館藏極小部分,難怪有說博物館是文物墳墓。Scan the World的 負責人Jon Beck希望以掃瞄和3D打印為文化傳承延續新生,在文博機構中推動革新。 Text by Steve Jarvis Photos courtesy of Scan the World 31