SIGNED magazine #29

43 Over-consumption and catastrophic wastes are destroying the environment. "Waste Age: What Can Design Do?", the latest exhibition presented by HKDI Gallery is set to find out how design can mitigate this problem. 過渡消費造成廢物災難,令環境大受 破壞。HKDI Gallery的新展覽《廢棄 時代:設計能做什麼?》將闡述設計 如何紓緩環境危機。 As HKDI's first collaboration with London's Design Museum, Waste Age has curated installations in three themes to explore how design can make a change. Peak Waste discusses the scale of the problem by observing beyond our current toxic waste infrastructures, and exploring the environmental, social and geopolitical forces at work. Precious Waste lays out how design transforms waste into valuable resources and changes our mind about value, while Post Waste introduces viewers to new ways of living with the Earth and not from it. The star-studded list of international and regional designers features Formafantasma, Stella McCartney and Studio Drift, as well as the successful case of The Billies System, a textile recycling process that closes the loop of waste from the fashion industry, the "BioChar Cement and Mortor" by Carbon Lite System, an innovative solution to combat the carbon dioxide emissions that wood waste produces in local landfill sites.