SIGNED magazine #29

45 1. Bottle-Top Chain: A Winter's Month of Bottle Top. 6,600 bottle tops collected by volunteers from the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition in Cornwall between Dec 2015 - Feb 2016. 《Bottle-Top Chain》:2015年底 至2016年初的冬季期間,英國康 沃爾的塑膠污染關注組義工收集了 6,600個瓶蓋。 2. 張瑋晉的《BoomBottles》 BoomBottles by Kelvin Cheung. 3. Turtle by Vincent Lee is a sculpture representing the ocean waste crisis. 李孟康的《海龜》:代表海洋垃圾 危機的雕塑。 outdoor speaker that turned an everyday item discarded daily in Hong Kong into something valuable. He also advised students to contribute to promote a greener lifestyle. "Start with a humble approach. Consider fulfilling customers' needs in ways other than consuming, or creating with materials that we already have," said Cheung. HKDI lecturer of Communication Design and featured artist Vincent Lee visualised the severity of ocean waste with his work Turtle, highlighting how human behaviours are pushing species to extinction. He encouraged students to harness the power of visual communication and help spread the important message. "Communication Design can get the message across and improve public awareness." He also quoted colour-coded recycling bins, clear signages for locating recycling facilities, as well as other memorable graphics used in social media and print advertising as effective tools for advocating a greener life. At HKDI, the teaching staff would line up with environmentally conscious organisations and collaborate as much as possible to achieve more enriching outcomes. New ways of living in a wastefree future Certainly, recycling alone is never enough. Diverse approaches and multiple solutions at the global, national and local levels are needed to tackle the waste crisis. Designers need to think ahead to ensure a product is more durable, repairable and recyclable. McQuirk suggested, "One way to do so is replacing fossil2 3