SIGNED magazine #29

HKDI staff shined in local and international awards 48 The dedication, creativity, and professionalism of the HKDI staff have been recognised at home and abroad. Congratulations to three outstanding HKDI members for their great work and exemplary performance. 香港知專設計學院的教職員不僅專注投入,而且在教研工作上發揮著無比創 意與專業精神,三位同事更於最近獲本地與海外獎項表揚,謹此祝賀各位的 卓越成果。 香港知專設計學院教職員 獲海內外獎項嘉許 Special Special Keith Tam, Director of Centre for Communication Design Merit Award, DFA Design for Asia Awards, Hong Kong Design Centre Keith is an information designer, typographer, and academic. He is currently Head of Department of Communication Design and Director of the Centre for Communication Design at the Hong Kong Design Institute. His research focuses on typography and information design, particularly in multilingual communication. In 2016, Keith received a 'Best Design Educator' award from the Hong Kong Designers Association. About the winning project Displayed at deTour 2021 at PMQ, "Type–11" is a convenience store that explores the everyday function of typography. The installation illustrates how graphic designers make typographic decisions to address different reading situations. At Type-11, visitors evaluate an array of typographic options for various products and then rate their typographic preferences in a survey. From left: Mr Keith Tam, Ms Katherine Tse 左起: 譚智恒先生,謝婉華女士