SIGNED magazine #29

HKDI graduates sparkled in DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 6 HKDI畢業生囊括DFA 香港青年設計才俊獎多項榮譽 Conserving and Innovating Art and Cultural Heritage 12 藝術文化的 傳承與創新 Reinvigorating The Soul Of 14 Traditional Chinese Formal Wear 喚醒禮服靈魂 Revives Chinoiserie with Guangcai 20 復興廣彩中國風 Heritage, Protection, Innovation 26 傳承、保護、創新 Scan The World: To Live, Cultural Heritage Needs to be Shared 30 掃瞄全世界:活現文化 共享傳承 When arts meet technology at Hylozoism 36 萬物有靈:藝術與科技共生展 Beyond 100 : Transforming Design & 40 Imagining Futures with Lab4Living 超越100:與Lab4Living一同改造設計,展望未來 "Waste Age" shows greener ways to break the "take, 42 make and waste" cycle 《廢棄時代》展現惜物創意 善用資源促進永續發展 HKDI staff shined in local and international awards 48 香港知專設計學院教職員獲海內外獎項嘉許 Emerging Design Talents 2023 : EMBRACE 50 2023年度設計展:容.納 5 CONTENTS Copyright@2023 by Hong Kong Design Institute All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced without the written permission of Hong Kong Design Institute. REPORT EXHIBITION THEME SPECIAL ONES TO WATCH EXHIBITION EXHIBITION HKDI Editorial Board: Lay Lian Ong, Elita Lam, Michael Chan, Daniel Chan, Keith Tam, Xaven Mak, Terence Wong, Ronald Wong, Irene Tang Creative: Ching Siu Wai Editor: Peter Wong Writers: Steve Jarvis, Aulina Chan Designer: Teddy Ng Printed by Dragon Gold Magnum Limited Cover:"Inner-Beauty" by Kylan Luginbuhl Hong Kong Design Institute is a member institution of the Vocational Training Council. For more information about HKDI, please check our website on, or email us at SIGNED is produced on behalf of the Hong Kong Design Institute by Associates & P Limited