SIGNED magazine #29

9 "Fashion shouldn't be unattainable or out of reach, but accessible and downto-earth. It should be wearable, about everyday life, about you and me. And being serious in every design means designing for sustainability." 「時裝不應高高在上或遙不可 及,而是平易近人和親切貼地, 可以平常穿搭、屬於日常生活, 屬於你和我。每次認真創作, 就是實踐可持續發展設計。」 Toki graduated with HKDI's Higher Diploma in Knitwear Design and Development in 2013 before obtaining his BA (Honours) in Fashion (Knitwear Design & Technology) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2015. He launched "Kowloon City Boy" in 2021 after working in a fashion sourcing company. Versatility, bold colours and knitwear are Toki's signature. His designs display creativity, humour and ingenuity. One could identify current social issues, and a Hong Kong male image that is whimsical, honest and down-to-earth through his works. Toki wants to craft an influential local brand that is casual, droll, and fun. The brand will tap into the global market as he develops solid marketing and retail experience. 王韜棋於2013年在香港知專設計學院獲 得針織設計及發展高級文憑,並於2015 年於香港理工大學取得時裝( 針織設計 及技術)( 榮譽) 文學士學位。他在時裝採 購公司工作數年後,於2021年創辦了 「Kowloon City Boy」。 王韜棋以用色設計破格而靈活的針織製 品為特徵,作品集創意、幽默感和巧思 於一身,而且反映社會議題,展現調皮、 真摯與活在當下的香港都市男孩形象。 王韜棋希望建立風格隨性好玩,而且具 影響力的本地品牌,並銳意在累積市場 推廣及銷售經驗後,將品牌引入國際市 場。 Cherry received her HKDI Higher Diploma in Fashion Design in 2019 before pursuing and recently completing the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University (VTC SHAPE). 吳芷君於2019年在香港知專設計學院取 得時裝設計高級文憑,再於Nottingham Trent University(才晉高等教育學院銜接課 程) 進修,剛獲時裝設計( 榮譽) 文學士學 位。 Toki Wong To Ki 王韜棋 Fashion Designer 時裝設計師 Design Graduates Awardee - CreateSmart Young Design Talent Special Award 2022 設計畢業生得獎人 - 創意智優青年設計才俊特別獎2022 "Geometry and Lines" by Cherry Ng. Another collection with a bold, flamboyant three-dimensional design for the sleeves and pants, inspired by Picasso's paintings. Ng's goal is to establish her own ecofriendly design label that supports the LGBTQ+ community. 「Geometry and Lines」的設計靈感 來自畢卡索畫作,在衫袖與褲管加入 大膽華麗的立體設計。她期望日後成 立自己的環境友善品牌,以創作支持 LGBTQ+社群。 About DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award Established in 2005, DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award aims to nurture aspiring design practitioners and design graduates aged 18-35 and recognises promising Hong Kong young design talent, serving to maintain the city's competitiveness and fortify its role as a design hub in Asia. Some YDTA awardees will receive a total grant of up to HK$500,000 to work or study abroad. The practical experiences and global vision acquired will be a strong booster for their careers, through which awardees will better contribute to the future of Hong Kong's creative industries. 關於DFA 香港青年設計才俊獎 「DFA香港青年設計才俊 」於2005年設立, 旨在嘉許及栽培18至35歲的香港設計師及 設計畢業生,藉以保持香港的競爭力,加強其 亞洲設計樞紐的地位。得獎者有機會獲得高達 50萬港元的財政贊助到海外工作或進修,為 發展事業汲取實戰經驗及開拓環球視野,並於 回港後貢獻本地設計及創意產業。 Toki Wong To Ki "SS22 – Sun of the Beach" by Toki Wong. This summer collection is a fusion of beachwear and homewear, inspired by people wanting to get out in the sun but are stuck at home because of quarantine. 「SS22 – Sun of the Beach」夏季 系列結合了沙灘服裝與家居服的概 念,設計靈感來自渴望到戶外享受日 光浴卻因疫情被困家中的無奈。 Website Website