Knowledge Centres


Through its Knowledge Centres, HKDI offers students access to interdisciplinary platforms and enables them to engage in projects with industry partners.

Centre for Communication Design

The Centre for Communication Design at Hong Kong Design Institute is an applied research and consultancy hub dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in all areas of graphic communication. It acts as a knowledge exchange platform between staff, students as well as external organisations, tightly integrating practice, research, teaching and outreach activities.

Centre of Design Services and Solutions

A unique multi-disciplinary exchange hub, the Centre of Design Services and Solutions (CDSS) brings design innovation, creative ideas and business solutions under one roof.

Centre of Innovative Material and Technology

CIMT is a comprehensive material archive and interactive learning platform designed to facilitate the exchange of material knowledge and associated applications among students, faculty, designers and manufacturers.


The HKDI Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) Lab for Social Design Research is a cross-disciplinary action research group at HKDI. Its aim is to set up a research platform for social design, an emerging field advocating a new approach to design: ‘designers as enablers of social change’.

Fashion Archive

The HKDI Fashion Archive, which houses a wealth of carefully selected fashion items with aesthetical and historical significance, supports the use of authentic fashion products as invaluable tools for teaching and learning. Visitors can gain access to the rich collection of fashion items, spanning from traditional to iconoclastic archives, to understand the design, culture and history behind them via the interactive platform presented by the HKDI Fashion Archive.

Media Lab

The Media Lab nurtures and enhances the integration of innovative ideas and media technologies, as well as interactions between education, applied research, professional training and industry application.