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With the theme “ReSet”, this year’s exhibition revolved around the concepts of re-setting, re-starting, re-thinking, and re-aligning the fashion and textile industry towards a more sustainable future. A series of internal workshops were organised to flourish students in sustainable fashion, jewellery, and graphic design. Students’ creations were displayed and sold at the exhibition. Exceptional fashion works of HKDI students will also be showcased to promote sustainable development within the fashion industry.

Staff, students, and visitors had opportunities to enjoy a seamless shopping experience by using the Self-Service Purchase Retail System.


Theme: Re-Start, Re-set, Re-Think, Re-Align

  • Selling students' sustainable design works, including fashion and jewellery products
  • Showcase exceptional HKDI alumni and students' products, including physical products, 3D fashion pieces, and videos
  • DIY kiosk offering personalized ordering experience for iPhone cases, water bottles, and T-shirts which the graphics are designed by DCD students
  • Smart Retail Seamless shopping experience

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