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TEDxHKDI: Design, Community, Wellbeing

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Save the date: 21 June 2024!

Brace yourself for a mesmerizing symposium that will ignite your creative spark, foster vibrant communities, and elevate wellbeing to new heights. TEDxHKDI is your gateway to discovering how design can embrace our lives, empowering individuals and communities with positive impact.

Join us for captivating talks delivered in English, Putonghua, and Cantonese and discover how communities can be empowered to create a positive impact and shape a brighter future. Explore unique approaches to enhancing personal and collective wellbeing, and witness how transform on design can shape communities, enhancing their social connections.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to join a diverse community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for design, community, and wellbeing. Mark your calendars and prepare to be inspired, connected, and immersed in the limitless possibilities that TEDxHKDI offers.


Are You Kidding Me? Designing with the Unknowns

Akina Fong Kin-yee

Akina Fong Kin-yee is a multi-faceted professional with extensive experience in journalism, media relations, and education. Having earned degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Birmingham, Akina's career has encompassed roles such as Senior Communications Officer at ICAC, Principal Reporter/News Anchor at TVB, and internships at the United Nations. Additionally, she has excelled in hosting TV and radio programs, university lecturing, and consultancy, focusing on promoting local culture and artisan development.

One Career Change After Another: Finding My Passion

Yannie Fung, Yan Yi

Yannie Fung, a dedicated Visual Communication student, discovers her passion for design as she enters her twenties. Her journey is marked by an empowering mission to inspire people to pursue their dreams without fear. Yannie’s impactful TEDx talk, centered on the message "One Career Change After Another: Finding My Passion," motivates audiences to chase their aspirations with vigor. Her story is a testament to the power of youthful enthusiasm and boundless creativity.

Good and Bad Software: How the Design of Software Is Quietly Impacting Our Life

Merlyn Zhang, Mingxi

Merlyn Zhang, a standout Software Engineering student, is set to leave a significant mark with his TEDx talk titled "Good and Bad Software: How the Design of Software Is Quietly Impacting Our Lives". In his presentation, Merlyn explores the transformative impact of software design on society, emphasizing its subtle yet profound influence on everyday life and communities. With a vision for a future where software design is accessible to everyone, Merlyn aims to foster innovation and inclusivity. Join him as he delves into the pivotal role of software design in shaping our world.

From Tsing Yi to Happy Valley: A UK - Hong Kong Cultural Exchange

Phoebe Dukes

Phoebe Dukes, an English Language Assistant at the Hong Kong Design Institute, embarked on an exciting journey from London to Hong Kong in 2023 through a placement with the British Council. With an interdisciplinary background and international experiences, including a year in Germany, Phoebe was eager to dive into new cultures. In her engaging TEDx Talk, she shares her experiences of cultural immersion in Hong Kong, using humorous anecdotes and reflective insights to challenge preconceptions and explore identity evolution. Phoebe's talk inspires audiences to embrace the transformative power of cultural experiences.

One Person's Dual Roles: Two Hats Supporting Each Other

Kiko Hung, Kei Yu

Kiko Hung, a talented student in Illustration Design, uniquely combines her passions for shuttlecock kicking and artistry, embodying a dual identity as both an athlete and a designer. Her journey showcases how athletic qualities like competitiveness and perseverance beautifully complement her design pursuits, fostering personal growth. In her inspiring TEDx talk, Kiko encourages embracing diverse paths, highlighting how such pursuits can serve as catalysts for learning and self-discovery, leading to a fulfilling and dynamic life. Her story motivates others to relentlessly pursue their passions and embrace the opportunities they bring.

Transforming Hong Kong's Skyscrapers: Youth Perspectives on Sustainable Architecture and Design

Eliana Michelle Xie

Eliana Xie, a Year 12 student at the French International School of Hong Kong, combines her love for design with a passion for sustainable infrastructure. Through her initiative, ARCHGERINE, and various architectural clubs, she actively raises funds for school buildings globally, aiming to create clean, comfortable living spaces for all. Her dedication to sustainable design and architecture promises to bring significant changes to how we think about living environments. Eliana's vibrant imagination and unwavering commitment mark her as a visionary poised to make substantial impacts on the world.

Project Cooperating Partners: Turning Differences into Strengths

May Wong, Sin Mei / Eric Wong, Ho Man

May Wong, a student pursuing a Higher Diploma in Design in Animation and Visual Effects, is making notable strides in the animation industry. Passionate about post-production, May is ready to captivate the TEDx audience with her talk, "Project Cooperating Partners: Turning Differences into Strengths." She emphasizes the value of interpersonal relationships and the power of collaboration. May's speech aims to inspire others to harness the strength found in diversity. With her exceptional talent and vibrant energy, May is poised to create impactful, awe-inspiring works in animation.

Eric Wong, an enthusiastic student pursuing a Higher Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects, excels in 3D modeling and storytelling. Teaming up with May Wong, they are ready to inspire at the TEDx HKDI event with their talk on "Teamwork through FYP project," highlighting the importance of collaboration and communication. Eric's passion extends to making a mark in advertising and film, driven by his dedication and creative spirit. As he continues his journey, Eric's ambition and talent promise to bring innovative contributions to his chosen fields.

The Secret of Ads: The Power of What We Hear

Tiffany Chek, Wing Tung

Tiffany Chek, a vibrant student pursuing a HD in Advertising Design, is set to engage the TEDx audience with her talk "The Secret of Ads: The Power of What We Hear." Her enthusiasm for graphic design, photography, and drawing fuels her mission to explore the influential aspects of auditory elements in advertising. Tiffany's presentation promises to deliver intriguing insights into effective advertising techniques. Aspiring to excel in advertising and publicity-related design, Tiffany aims to become a distinguished designer, crafting impactful and memorable designs that resonate widely.

Designing Happiness: Taking the Wheel with Locus of Control

Locus Lo, Hiu Yue

Locus Lo, a dedicated student in Furniture and Lifestyle Product Design, is driven by a compassion that informs his innovative projects. Moved by the struggles of his peers with academic and social pressures, Locus has created design tools aimed at reducing stress and promoting happiness. His work not only showcases his design talent but also his commitment to emotional well-being. Beyond design, Locus extends his passion to counseling and education, focusing on making a positive impact and fostering connections through his creative and supportive endeavors.

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