Artist Interview - Chic & Artistic

Feature Story

Corinne Black and Axel d’Harcourt call themselves Chic & Artistic, Paris-based creatives and directors, who conceive, direct and produce ideas for brands and artists.

They say that they “love to express our creativity across a large range of media, including commercials, digital content, music videos, motion graphics, opening credits, graphic design, visual identity and juggling. We are able to take on the whole creative process, from concept to direction, design, production and finishing, with our own creative production studio.”

Paris, France 

Do you agree that “two heads are better than one”? Would even more heads be even better?

We believe very much in teamwork, the synergy of two, three, four or ten minds — the input that everyone can bring to the benefit of a creation. But we think that when it comes to making decisions, it could become more difficult when there are more than two of you.

How important is a good personal relationship with a partner? Could you work just as well with someone you do not particularly like but for whom you have great professional respect?

Neither of us could work with someone whom we do not respect for all of their values, beyond just their talents. We share so many things on a daily basis; a relationship without affection is difficult in the long run. Especially in our kind of job where we often work long hours and travel a lot, it seems very important to know each other well.

Do you regard your partner as a reliable sounding-board for your ideas or does he/she know you too well to be objective?

We know each other very well but we remain objective towards each other. There is a great deal of criticism in our exchanges that does not weaken over the years.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working alongside a partner?

The great advantage we see is the sharing aspect: having the possibility to piggy-back on each other’s ideas. Rather than being alone with our certainties, working together multiplies the scope of possibilities. This is perhaps one of the secrets of the creation of two people, pushing artistic limits through the development of distinct and visionary work.

In terms of disadvantages, being associated is having to listen to each other, and appreciating the ideas of the other. Partnership is about making the decisions together, good or bad, which may deprive us of certain freedoms. But we often have a common vision.