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Hong Kong Library Festival 2019 - Gulliver Immersive Storytelling Wall

Digital Media

The Hong Kong Library Festival 2019 carrying the theme of “Reading•Creativity” brings the public a diverse reading experience through a series of thematic activities, igniting people’s imagination. Gulliver Immersive Storytelling Wall is one of the highlights, created by 16 HKDI students from the Higher Diploma in Creative Media and Higher Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects under the guidance of HKDI Media Lab. With the help of new technology, Gulliver’s Travels, a world-renowned and classic British children’s literature, is reproduced as an interactive animation that is projected onto an 8-metre curved wall mounted with capacitive sensors and the adjacent gigantic book-shaped installation. The audience can enjoy the most impressive and vivid scenes of Gulliver’s story through touching the story wall. The public can come and experience this breakthrough of the traditional way of reading at the exhibition held at the Exhibition Gallery of Hong Kong Central Library until 6 November 2019.

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