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Dress-up Sai Kung

Communication Design

In collaboration with Sai Kung District Office, a community beautification project Dress-up Sai Kung was launched earlier last month to showcase the positive and vivid images of Sai Kung to the general public through a series of murals and drawings. HKDI students from Higher Diploma in Visual Communication (Illustration) were engaged to lead a group of students from different primary and secondary schools to brighten two public spaces. Inspired by the history, culture and lifestyle of Sai Kung, 8 giant murals titled Vitality-Sai Kung were created at Sai Kung Man Yee Playground, highlighting the vitality of the community. HKDI students also put together over 100 drawings created by the primary and secondary school students to form a 120-metre long painting, colouring the bridge outside Velodrome Park like a rainbow.

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