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HKDI Interior Design students won awards in Saint-Etienne Design Award 2019

Architecture, Interior & Product Design

HKDI Interior Design students swept four awards in Saint-Etienne Design Award 2019 in the Space Design Category, including Gold Award, Silver Award and two Excellent awards. Lucas Kwok and Derek Wong won the Gold Award and Silver Award with their designs “Rays of Happiness” and “Neigh-Brotherhood” respectively. Their winning works will be exhibited at the Biennale International Design Saint-Etienne 2019.

To enrich the shoppers’ sensational experience in a shopping mall, the space of “Rays of Happiness” designed by Lucas is divided into 2 main parts: art installation zone and special interactive zone. Both zones are presented in the form of radiation lines and the gradient colours, alluding to the infinite rays of energy that spreads everywhere, which symbolizes adding positive energy into the space and the community. Winning the Gold Award gave Lucas an opportunity to study a Master Degree for 2 year in France, at a value of RMB 300,000.

To respond to the crowded living space in Hong Kong, Derek’s design titled “Neigh-Brotherhood” adopted the Co-Living concept, which every family can share the use of a residential unit, turning a single building to a small community. Except that the private rooms with bath and washroom, almost half of the spaces are commonly shared for cooking, dining, relaxation and gathering and neighbors are encouraged to assist with each other. Derek is offered a Master Class Training at a value of RMB 100,000 for 15 days in France.

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