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Pop-up Book Fair

Design Boulevard

Pop-up Book Fair 
In collaboration with Joint Publishing HK, a series of design publications will be on display for reading throughout the day at the Design Boulevard. Locally-published titles from different fields of design, including architecture, visual culture, film making, screenplay, graphic design, fashion design, art history and type design will be on displayed for HKDI students and staff’s viewing. CDSS and Rennie’s Mill Press will also be setting up a booth in this occasion to display students’ design merchandises.

TypeMeet: Three voices of Type Design
TypeMeet is a series of talks and events where we invite type enthusiasts together to discuss type and typography. Organised by the Department of Communication Design and the Centre for Communication Design, in collaboration with Monotype and Joint Publishing HK, we have invited three renowned guests to speak for fellow HKDI students and staff on the evening of 15 November. Monotype’s Creative Director Akira Kobayashi, China and Hong Kong-based type designer Kwok Ping Kuen, and China-based design researcher and practitioner Li Zhiqian will be sharing their design philosophies and professional practice with us. 

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