2nd Hong Kong Denim Festival

Feature Story

Hong Kong Denim Festival (HKDF) returns this year with an array of exciting activities fusing denim fashion with local culture. Organised by HKDI and sponsored by CreateHK, the event unveils with an exhibition at PMQ Arts Complex.

Following the success of the very first Hong Kong Denim Festival, the 2nd HKDF returns with the hope of fostering development of the local denim industry. Opening the long-awaited festival is "Denim Tomorrow", an exhibition held by HKDF at PMQ Arts Complex. It navigates visitors through the development history of the denim fashion industry and explores the application of different technologies in the making of denim fabric.

For denim enthusiasts and curiosity-driven visitors alike, the PMQ exhibition showcases industry innovations via interactive multimedia displays. Young designers and denim manufacturers join forces on collaborative projects. A timely act, all exhibitions of HKDF are available online, including one of its core activities, the Denim Bazaar. This allows not only local participants but also worldwide access to the diverse denim fashion culture of Hong Kong.

The online version of the "Denim Tomorrow" exhibition offers a virtual 360°tour of the venue, allowing visitors view its innovative lineup of projects online. To get a glimpse of its unique items, think the most advanced laser printing and denim finishing (washing) technologies by Jeanologia, and JACQUARD™ BY GOOGLE x LEVI's® trucker jacket.

The online Denim Bazaar is a core programme of HKDF. The Bazaar aims to provide an international exchange platform for denim design talents and denim enthusiasts where they can freely browse and purchase their favourite denim pieces. This year's Denim Bazaar offers works by both local and overseas designers and artists. Products are no longer confined to wearable denim, but also includes artworks and other objects. The event aims to bring forth the idea of applying denim fabric to different daily scenarios in addition to fashion apparel.