Artist Interview - Giga Kobidze

Feature Story

Giga Kobidze is a designer and illustrator who is “constantly exploring and visualising his subconscious utopia”. He says that he “indulges in the unknown, challenging every project to absorb experimental ideas, to develop conceptual and progressive visuals, while comprehending existing infinity and embracing the digital age”. 

New York, United States 

How does a solo creator identify potential hazards en route?

Creating by yourself is fascinating, as well as risky, and means living quite an independent life. This is a very significant part of the journey that at the end of the day gives you a big splash of different emotions that arise from the creative exploration process. When taking this route, I believe that over time every individual defines him/herself, in terms of identity, personal fears and developing numerous skills that help you to think deeply and find a route through those hazards. I’ve been observing myself concerning ‘hazards en route’ and many other aspects of creating as a solo artist for quite a long time now and I would say that it varies from person to person, but that the key is lateral thinking. It seems to be the same for my solo-creator friends as well. In the end, every artist has to dedicate themselves to their creation and this dedication will of itself bring the solution spontaneously.


How do you develop the mental toughness to pick yourself up and re-double your efforts if the project begins to falter, especially if it is self-initiated and has not been commissioned?

I forget about everything when I’m working and fall in love with whatever I create. This gives me the perseverance to remain in a confident state of mind. Confidence is a tool that should be pushed to the limit. With such an attitude, I make everything work out for me. I also think it is important to have a hobby, an activity that detaches you from your usual context and gives you freedom and pleasure. For me it is photography, with its concomitant long, explorative walks, that gives me the capacity to look at projects from a new perspective.

How does a solo creator maintain focus during the repetitive and dull parts of a project?

Being able to concentrate is generally a somatic, or physical, ability that is homogeneous to strength. I have personally patterned a couple of rudimentary activities such as exercising and meditation that help me to prolong my focus, sustainability and stability. From time to time, vigorous jogging is a great supporting activity that gives me cognitive clarity and returns me to my focal point. The meditation is also a very supportive tool that helps to clear up and calm the mind and enables me to pay attention to one particular point/sound while ignoring thousands of others in the background.