Artist Interview - Yann Sadi

Feature Story

Yann Sadi, or BlindSalida, is a former art director who turned illustrator. He loves illustration so much that he decided to explore its many pathways, such as explosive illustrations, infographics, flat design, mathematical diagrams, line works or digital lettering. He has collaborated on international campaigns (for Google with Anomaly, Renault with Publicis Conseil), editorial works (Daily Telegraph, Adweek), national campaigns (Duracell with Publicis, Ryanair with Dare), motion design (Honda with Nexus and Wieden+Kennedy, Fiat with Saatchi&Saatchi) and packaging (Chipotle, Azzaro with BPCM).

Paris, France 

How does a solo creator identify potential hazards en route?

Being a sole operator does not mean having to be alone. Often there are art directors, project managers, agents, etc., who can help. And of course, above all, experience is essential. After 10 years of illustrations, I am more than ever able to identify beforehand the elements that need to be clarified or modified before or during the project to produce the best visual.”


A cyclist often faces poor conditions — the state of the road, bad weather, etc. How do you know what are the best conditions for you to work in and does client pressure sometimes force you to go ahead when conditions are not ideal?

Like cyclists, we need trust from our team, our clients. Sometimes people don’t trust our expertise because they have a very specific idea in mind. But with kindness and experience, we can explain alternative ways of doing things to our clients. Besides that, it is likely that not all illustrators are good on all surfaces. But I try to be as versatile as possible, with multiple kinds of projects and clients!

How do you develop the mental toughness to pick yourself up and re-double your efforts if the project begins to falter, especially if it is self-initiated and has not been commissioned?

I prepare my mind for the effort. Even when a project becomes difficult, the challenge can be even more interesting! Regarding personal creations, the method is different, the goal is not to release all these projects, only the most relevant. Sometimes it’s difficult to stop a personal project that turns into a dead end, but it’s something I’ve learned to do better from experience.