Printed Passion - The 31st Hong Kong Print Awards 2020

Feature Story

Hong Kong Print Awards returns as the city’s only professional print contest, proving the stronger-than-ever creative energy within local print-related design communities.

HKDI students once again let their talents sparkle at the Hong Kong Print Awards. Students from the Higher Diploma Programmes of Visual Communication and Publishing Design and Print Media have garnered four champions and four merits in total. HKDI has always maintained a close working relationship with the print industry. Three of the six winning projects were incubated within the IA China 2019 scheme (「印出個未來」廣東省實習交流計劃2019). Through the six outstanding design projects bursting with passion, designers expressed immense creativity backed by their solid academic knowledge and smart applications of print technology.

Perpetual Calendar
Champion of Stationery Printing (Calendar) by Joie LEE

Joie Lee’s calendar design adopts the appearance and mechanisms of a timepiece. Lee was inspired by the immutable nature of the unit of time, and what could best physicalise time than a clock? Not just any conventional clocks, Lee’s design is deeply rooted in the retro-futuristic British Steampunk style, with elaborate turning wheel details on the dial. On top of being decorative, every single wheel and hand present on the calendar can circle around functionally. This reusable perpetual calendar is also a brilliant work of sustainability.

WaySide Stationery Set
Champion of Stationery Printing & Merit in Creative Printing Award by Hei Man LEE, Pui Kwan LIN and Tsz Ho TSANG

Recipient of the Creative Printing Award, WaySide takes its inspiration from the common hope of preserving travel memories. The diary-style notebook inside the stationery set allows users to not only record their journey and thoughts, but also to keep bits and pieces from their encounters— tickets, receipts and other small documents can all be securely stored. The overall design resembles a suitcase, while the inner structure follows the design of a ring box. WaySide’s designer group wishes to showcase the Venetian cityscape inside the product, and therefore utilised holographic film to mimic water to achieve their desired effect. WaySide is a product of the IA China 2019 scheme.

「年華」Stationery Set
Merit in Stationery Printing by Lok Yiu LAM, Ka Fu LEUNG and Wing Hung SO

Another creation for IA China 2019, 年華 is a stationery set combining the ideology of “planting” and “time.” The exterior of the box comprises the four seasons, while the interior divides into “day” and “night.” At the centre of the set is the “planting” core. As soon as users open up the box with a “z” motion, the set will spiral open to reveal itself, leading users to find out the relationship between “planting” and “time.”

Buddies in Blue
Champion of School Publication by Tsz Ting LEUNG, Wing Si YU and Hing Hung YUE

Buddies in Blue is a graduation design project from HKDI. It is a set of two educational 3D books, which differentiates itself from other ocean-based storybooks in the market by the intentional imperfect protagonists and insightful theme of discrimination. The story of friendship and courage inspires readers to reflect on biases and learn to cherish relationships. The product also intends to offer children an interesting and innovative way of reading, as the packaging idea of simultaneously showing the covers of both books comes from file holders we use daily. The wavy border design adds aesthetic layers and connects with the theme. On the inside, the 3D books are packed with pop-up surprises, including an interesting illustration of a tornado.

Music in Motion 2019
Merit in School Publication by Kwun Yin HO, Lai Wa SO, Hoi Kiu WAI and Wing Laam WONG

Music in Motion 2019 introduces the namesake original concert at HKDI and promotes the institute’s Higher Diploma in Digital Music and Media programme. The product’s navy-blue base represents students’ passion and perseverance for original music production, and the vibrant patterns stand for each of their unique music styles. Each colour constitutes a different emotion in music. The project also demonstrates different printing techniques, such as hot stamping and laser cutting. It also creates light and sound effects upon opening and closing, to simulate the experience of concerts. Produced in IA China 2019.

Washable Book – Aquarium
Champion of Special Development and Application of Printing & Merit in School Publication by Tsz Ching CHAN, Tsz Ling CHEUNG, Hau Yee CHU, Man Wah HO, Tsz Ting LEUNG, Jiaqi OUYANG, Wing Si YU and Hing Hung YUE

The designer group behind Washable Book believes that innovation is the breakthrough point of technology and business developments. No wonder the Washable Book itself came as a cutting-edge offering for the print industry. The product is a book consisting of various artworks by HKDI graduates. These works were produced via digital printing technology on special paper and then bound into a book. Being waterproof is an understatement for this creation. Soak it in water, boil it on the stove, or store it in your freezer, and it will come out perfectly undamaged. Now imagine its potential applications, from children’s books, swimming and diving accessories, to frozen food packaging. Washable Book is built to solve problems and meet a wide variety of needs.