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Articulation Pathway
Nurturing Future Professionals

Articulation Pathway

2 Years

Higher Diploma

1 - 2 Years

Bachelor's Degree

Nurturing Future Professionals

Workplace attachment




Our programmes combine theoretical knowledge with practical training, enabling students to gain valuable experiences through workplace attachment programmes or experiential learning.

Career prospects



employment rate

Our students and graduates are well-recognised for their professional knowledge and skills, and are welcome by corporations and employers.

Source: Employment Survey of Graduates of Full-time IVE / HKDI / ICI programmes in the past 3 years (as at May 2023)

International academic collaborations and exchanges


Global partners

from 17 countries and/or regions

Through partnerships with renowned design schools around the world, we offer an opportunity for students to engage in cross-cultural learning.

Source: HKDI 2022/23 academic year



Scholarships awarded

Over HKD 1.67 Million in total for 343 awardees

HKDI receives generous donations of scholarships from various partners. Scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of their outstanding achievements and to encourage their all-rounded development.

Source: HKDI 2022/23 academic year

Articulation and employment


Further studies



Source: Employment Survey of Graduates of Full-time IVE / HKDI / ICI programmes in the past 3 years (as at May 2023)

Progression to degree programmes


Local bachelor’s degree programmes*


SHAPE top-up degree programmes in collaboration with overseas universities#


Other degree programmes

* Including programmes offered by local universities / institutions,in which 14% to programmes offered by the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

Source: Employment Survey of Graduates of Full-time IVE / HKDI /ICI programmes in the past 3 years (as at May 2023)

Vocational Professionals Admission Scheme (VPAS)

HKDI Designated Full-time Design Higher Diploma Programmes:

Higher Diploma in Architectural Design (DE110512A)

Higher Diploma in Landscape Architecture (DE110512C)

Non-local students (including those from the Mainland, other countries and regions) eligible to stay in Hong Kong for employment upon graduation.

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The Go-Greenovate campaign is Hong Kong Design Institute’s new initiative that aims to create a sustainable, eco-friendly learning environment, as well as to promote sustainable practices among students and staff through innovative and forward-thinking approaches.

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Hong Kong Denim Festival

The Hong Kong Denim Festival (HKDF), organized by The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) of the Vocational Training Council (VTC), serves as a platform to engage with the perspectives of denim culture and knowledge.

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Knowledge Centres

Through its Knowledge Centres, HKDI offers students access to interdisciplinary platforms and enables them to engage in projects with industry partners.

HKDI Centre for Communication Design

The Centre for Communication Design at Hong Kong Design Institute is an applied research and consultancy hub dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in all areas of graphic communication. It acts as a knowledge exchange platform between staff, students as well as external organisations, tightly integrating practice, research, teaching and outreach activities.

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HKDI Centre of Design Services and Solutions

A unique multi-disciplinary exchange hub, the Centre of Design Services and Solutions (CDSS) brings design innovation, creative ideas and business solutions under one roof.

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HKDI Centre of Innovative Material and Technology

The HKDI CIMT is a comprehensive material archive and interactive learning platform designed to facilitate the exchange of material knowledge and associated applications among students, faculty, designers and manufacturers.

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HKDI Fashion Archive

The HKDI Fashion Archive supports the use of real fashion products as teaching and learning tools that houses over 1,000 historical fashion items. Visitors can access the iconoclastic fashion items to understand the design, culture and history behind them via the interactive platform made available by the HKDI Fashion Archive.

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The HKDI Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability (DESIS) Lab for Social Design Research is a cross-disciplinary action research group at HKDI. Its aim is to set up a research platform for social design, an emerging field advocating a new approach to design: ‘designers as enablers of social change’.

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HKDI Media Lab

The HKDI Media Lab nurtures and enhances the integration of innovative ideas and media technologies, as well as interactions between education, applied research, professional training and industry application.

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