A View On Young Designers' Inspirations

Feature Story

Hana Li

Fashion Designer

Graduate of HKDI (Fashion Design)

Fashion designer Hana Li was the champion in the Fashion Commute x MainettiCare Competition 2020/21, and award winner for Best Use of Australian Merino Wool Award 2021. The bearer of Hong Kong Woollen & Synthetic Knitting Manufacturers' Association Scholarship was also named Elite Student of HKDI Advanced Design Studio in 2021. 

For her graduate project "within the water; within the waves", Hana created a fabric that is excellent in both stretchability and softness, and employed water-inspired colours to mimic the subtle yet ever-changing nature of waves, as well as the touch of water on skin. 

Through the use of innovative fabrics in her studio project "Your Posture Matters", Hana intended to use apparel to remind people of their postures. She was able to achieve posture correction through clothing by placing a posture correction vest as the inner garment for the outfit. 

Hana is currently studying Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion and Textiles. She hopes to study abroad in Sweden and Finland for a master's degree, and to explore state-of-the-art technologies and develop sustainable textiles, meeting talented people and introducing them to our local fashion industry.