A View On Young Designers' Inspirations

Feature Story

Melissa Chan 

Fashion Designer

Graduate of HKDI (Fashion Design)

Melissa regards designing comfortable and durable garments that reflects positivity and sustainability as her mission. The recent HKDI graduate received Exchange Scholarship from HKDI in 2019 to study in Sweden for one semester.

Following her mission as a designer, Melissa created the sustainable athleisure collection "Body Geometry". The collection boasts multifunctional, adaptable and easy to wear designs that can be worn under different weathers and on different occasions. The collection not only put health and therapy as inspirations and aspirations, but it was also designed to offer comfort to people recovering from injuries. 

"The Imprint of Light" collection by the designer is an experiment to mimic shadows hitting on the garments by using digital print to create illusions. When fabrics of varying opacity meet different ways of light projections, it creates patterns of light and darkness. The digital printing on garments reproduced such natural effects and brought very interesting results.

Melissa plans to attain BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University in Hong Kong next year, before embarking on an overseas study trip. She will continue to study fashion and textile design at universities in Sweden and Finland, where experimentation and research in sustainable fashion is encouraged, and then hopes to promote sustainable, durable garments and eco-friendly fashion in Hong Kong.