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Global Learning

Global Learning

Nurturing Designers with a Global Perspective

HKDI is dedicated to cultivating students’ global perspective and cultural sensitivity. Through partnerships with renowned design schools around the world, we offer an opportunity for students to engage in cross-cultural learning supported by overseas exchange scholarships.

International Academic Partners

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Overseas Exchange Scholarship and Donation

Your Support Matters

HKDI invites donations for our Overseas Exchange Programme, in support of outstanding yet financially challenged students to broaden their horizon through overseas exchange.

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Scholarships for Overseas Exchange

The VTC receives generous donations of overseas exchange scholarships from various partners including the Government of HKSAR, industries, professional bodies and individuals. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students during the academic year to support their participation in overseas exchange activities. Besides, the Government of HKSAR has introduced various subsidy schemes for post-secondary students, aiming to subsidize their involvement in outbound exchange programmes.

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